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Spinz Casino

Information from the rootz website:

The Rootz family continues to grow and Wildz Casino will soon have a new sister casino: Spinz Casino. Spinz builds on the success of previous brands and promises to take the online casino experience one step further. The invention still features a Rootz platform that is better and more flexible than ever before.

This time, celebrities like David Hasselhoff will not be seen on the site. However, you can expect to see many new faces at this casino, as Spinz Casino is further breaking the boundaries of the online casino by launching its own streaming platform. You can read more about this revolutionary feature in the casino industry below.

Where Streams Come True
Spinz wants to take online casino entertainment to new heights. To achieve this goal, the casino will launch its own platform for streaming casino content. A bit like Twitch, but you don’t have to worry about server delays or copyright issues. The powerful Rootz platform guarantees high-quality streaming service around the clock.

Some details of the platform will be kept secret until release. However, we know that the site will offer continuous casino streaming with both famous and new streamers. Streamers interact with the public and have the opportunity to distribute casino bonuses from time to time.

This feature puts Spinz Casino at the forefront of the future of online casinos. The product is becoming more interactive, and even more entertainment elements are added to the pack to enhance the user experience.

Through this streaming platform, new and existing customers get a good idea of ​​how the casino works. Customers can learn about the look of the site, the selection of games and the various bonus offers. This way, players get a complete overview of Spinz Casino before making deposits. The streaming platform is also a great way to showcase new game releases.

Spinz bonuses
While we don’t have all the information yet, it looks like Spinz Casino will be releasing the same welcome bonus as its predecessor, Wheelz Casino. This means that all new players will be able to redeem the 100% bonus up to € 300 on their first deposit. In addition, this same deposit also gives each player 100 free spins on popular slot games. Assuming the bonus is identical to Wheelz, the free spins will be split in 10-piece installments over 10 days.

Anyone familiar with Rootz’s online casinos knows that the welcome offer is just the tip of the iceberg. Players can expect a steady stream of prizes and bonuses throughout the year. Here are some of the bonuses we expect to find at Spinz Casino:

Free Spins: We assume free spins. Lots of free spins. The free spins are at the heart of the Rootz Rewards program and have been distributed in tens of millions of songs by Wildz, Caxino and Wheelz. We expect this to continue in the form of promotions, deposit offers and Level Up prizes.
Double Speed: Every time you play at Rootz Casino, you fill up your own Progress Bar. When your meter is full, you will be rewarded. The concept is as awesome as it is simple. Progress Your bar fills up twice as fast as you play at Double Speed. Simple but very effective. Rumors from Spinz’s headquarters suggest they are adopting the “Game of the Day” concept and that every player gets Double Speed ​​for this selected game every day.
Odds Tournaments: Odds tournaments are among the most popular promotions at all Rootz casinos. By subtracting the size of the bet from the equation, the odds tournaments give everyone a chance to get involved. In these tournaments, the player’s goal is to get the highest Odds, which are paid in either cash prizes or odds prizes.
99% Chip: Fill up your Progress Bar to 99%. This potential bonus is especially effective when you use it right after your Progress Bar meter has dropped back to zero. In this case, you will get yourself two consecutive elevations in just minutes.

Spinzin games
While there is no official information on the game selection at the new casino, we expect it to reflect Wildz’s game selection. There’s virtually no difference in the game selection between Wildz, Caxino and Wheelz, so we’d be surprised if it changed with the fourth brand.

Assuming this is the case, players will be able to enjoy over 1,300 high quality casino games, including the most popular slots, table games, live casino, scratch cards and jackpot games.

Spinz release date
The question on the lips of the entire industry is: When will Spinz be released?

The short answer is that we do not yet know the exact date. According to early reports, Rootz is aiming for release in late January. However, this may still change with the coming holiday season and the unpredictable situation in the world.

Wheelz Casino was successfully released under similar circumstances, and we expect Rootz to succeed in the same way as Spinz Casino. Although we do not yet have an exact date to release, the release should approach day by day.

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